Sean Hannity Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL About Robert Mueller, His End Is Near

Sean Hannity Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL About Robert Mueller, His End Is Near

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller was supposed to be looking into the collusion claims from the 2016 election as a third-party resource. Instead, he is about get himself fired.

Fox’s Sean Hannity exposed Mueller during his opening monologue for adding members of the Democratic party who donated hundreds of dollars to his investigation team.

Here is a taste of Hannity’s report:

“All right, for months, the establishment ‘Destroy Trump’ media and Democrats have been hysterical, breathless, pushing all kinds of conspiracy theories. They are hoping and praying that there would be the smoking gun on Trump and Russia and collusion. So far, they have not found anything solid. It has mostly been wild accusations and a lot of innuendo. While they are obsessing over Russia every single second of the day, the establishment media, the left, have been completely ignoring what we are telling you on this program. That is the construction of one of the biggest political witch hunts in the history of this country.”

“I am now talking about the Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his massive conflicts of interest, and frankly inexcusable investigative creep. It is time tonight for Mueller’s political crusade to be shut down once and for all. It is time for Congress, Republicans in particular, they’re in power, they must reassert their authority and start investigating actual crimes and actual collusion. This is why it is important.”

Hannity is right, there are too many conflicts of interest with Mueller and something must be done immediately.

Watch the whole report here:


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