ROUND TWO: ‘Teflon Melania’ Returns To Texas… And Her Shoes Are Making The Media Cry


First Lady Melania Trump doesn’t give a rip about the opinions of talking heads and mainstream media pundits.

nstead, like her husband, she doubles down.

Earlier this week, the media flung into an outrage upon seeing the First Lady land in Houston, TX wearing stilettos. They wailed for a solid 24-hours before moving back to “Russiagate.”

But, in a return trip to the Lone Star State, Melania donned high-heels again, this time of a snakeskin variety. Take a look:

The response was overwhelmingly supportive:

President Trump and Melania are departing Marine One for Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base when Melania steps out in, HEELS!

The press probably expected that they could bully her into wearing shoes THEY think are appropriate for traveling but Melania is a strong-willed, independent woman who will not be pushed around by these immature cowards! She just completely infuriated the liberal press without even saying a single word!

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