Report: Obama’s $24 Million Scandal Erupts – Hillary’s Coverup Sparks Democrat Civil War

Report: Obama’s $24 Million Scandal Erupts – Hillary’s Coverup Sparks Democrat Civil War

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We are living in some crazy time, my readers. Who might have thought the greatest thing to bring down the democrats were… the democrats?

A large portion of us on the privilege are not astounded. Yet, the revelations by Donna Brazile that turned out yesterday has everybody reeling.

She uncovered first that Obama had destroyed the DNC, with $24 million owing debtors and a wild spending that would get passed on to the Democrat chosen one.

At that point she admitted that the DNC plotted with Hillary a year prior to the designation. In return for money to pay off Obama’s obligations, she assumed control over the gathering, anticipating anybody—including Bernie Sanders—from having a possibility.

Presently it would appear that things are disintegrating, as democrats are turning on each other.
From The Washington Examiner:
Former surrogates of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., from the 2016 campaign are fuming about the Democratic National Committee in response to Donna Brazile’s disclosure of “proof” that the Hillary Clinton campaign took over the DNC’s finances and operations in an effort to tip the scales in Clinton’s favor for the party’s presidential nomination in 2016…

“Today we heard from Donna Brazile that what many suspected for a long time, is actually true: the DNC secretly chose their nominee over a year before the primary elections even occurred, turning over DNC control to the Clinton campaign,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, a former DNC vice chairman. Gabbard, declared the 2016 primary “rigged,” resigned from the DNC in February 2016 in order to endorse Sanders…

She clashed with Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen on CNN, who said Democrats “could not be stupider” for trying to re-litigate the Democratic Primary. Turner shot back that the DNC “lacks accountability and transparency. Period.”

“Statements like you’re making doesn’t help,” she said. “People are hurt by this revelation. And this does not help. So to cover it up doesn’t help. So don’t go there with that. The fact of the matter remains the way the system was conducted, the DNC did not follow its own bylaws. And so if we’re going to have some truth talk here, let’s talk about reform and let’s talk about unity.”

This is just a glimpse of a larger problem. Eminent democrats are exchanging thorns on Twitter, pointing fingers and tearing each other down. Such a great amount for solidarity in pushing ahead, huh?

In the mean time the new leader of the gathering, Tom Perez, is urgently attempting to hide this stunner where no one will think to look. Average liberal. Rather than confronting this test head on, making the best decision to settle it, he overlooks it.

I won’t be astounded when general population democrats the nation over begin requesting answers. They can’t sit as yet, knowing they were sold out by their own party from the earliest starting point.

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