Mueller Was Just CAUGHT Leaking Info To CNN After History of Corruption

Mueller Was Just CAUGHT Leaking Info To CNN After History of Corruption

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who already has a long career of, to say the least, shady activities involving corruption and double standard, has proceeded in that fashion by recently leaking sealed court information to the liberal bastion called CNN.

CNN, in turn, reported on an exclusive story that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has prepared his first charges in the investigation into the alleged collusion between Mt. Trump’s team and Russia during last year’s presidential election. As reported by CNN:

A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday, approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter. The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge.

The special investigator’s career has been a long and controversial one, with his credibility FBI Director being questioned since he did not carry out investigations properly, resulting in no indictments. Mueller’s unsubstantial actions, in turn, let the corrupt Clinton family and the ruling Obama administration off the hook for innumerable violations and offenses. Below are listed just some of the more controversial:

IRS Targeting (2010-2013): the IRS intentionally selected and then delayed or denied tax-exempt 501(c)(3) applications from conservative groups to prevent them from participating in the 2012 election, followed by IRS agent Lois Lerner invoking her Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.  (No charges have been filed of any wrong doing by any government officials in this case.)

Clinton Foundation Pay-for-Play (2009-2013): during the period in which Hillary Clinton held the office of Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton received millions of dollars in paid speaking fees and a million dollar “gift” from countries involved in matters with the State Department, many of which had ties to terrorism and human rights abuses; some of these funds were apparently diverted from charitable causes to personal expenses, such as Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding.

Russian Uranium Deal (2009-2013): Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved a deal allowing a Russian company to control 20% of the uranium mining production capacity inside the United States, which was followed by millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation from people associated with the transaction. 

Clinton Private Email Server (2009-2013): during her entire tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dodged Freedom of Information Act requirements by using a private email server to conduct official government business, as well as sent and received classified information that was Top Secret over an unsecured system—an “extremely reckless” (and obviously illegal) act.”

All of the above-mentioned scandals, which are just some of an ocean of other suspicious dealings, just requires that Mueller not only recuses himself from the probe, he should himself be interrogated or formally investigated for all of the instances we just listed.

Mueller’s credibility has been put into question shortly after he was tapped as special counsel when even Democrats argued that the former FBI Director cannot lead a unprejudiced and impartial probe with double standards under the table and evident conflict of interests.

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