John Lewis To Hillary Clinton: ‘Happy Birthday, Maddame President…’

John Lewis To Hillary Clinton: ‘Happy Birthday, Maddame President…’

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Democratic Rep. John Lewis (Ga.) has sent a birthday message to “Madame President Hillary Clinton” on Tuesday evening, despite the fact that Clinton isn’t really leader of the United States.

Happy Birthday, Madame President @Hillary Clinton, that’s what he posted on his twitter account.

Our current leader, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race, vanquishing Clinton with an annoyed triumph for hear party in November.

In any case, that did not prevent Lewis from portraying Clinton as the president on her 70th birthday celebration.

Lewis was one of many individuals from Congress who boycotted Trump’s inauguration in January.

Trump reacted to Lewis’ choice not to go to the occasion, composing on Twitter that he should concentrate on “the crime in urban communities” instead of boycotting his presidental introduction in the White House.

Lewis’ birthday message to Clinton took after a generally circulated tweet from 2016 of Clinton’s Twitter account wishing a “Happy birthday to this future president,” joined by a photo of a youthful Hillary Clinton.

This wish is just a big disregard to our current leader, because Hillary is everything but for sure not a President of the United States. Do you agree people? Leave your remarks in the comments below!


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