BREAKING: NFL Commissioner Bashes Trump, But He Forgot About 1 Huge Thing

BREAKING: NFL Commissioner Bashes Trump, But He Forgot About 1 Huge Thing

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Politics somehow end up in every discussion.

Nowadays NFL players are no longer interested in playing football.

They would rather disrespect America and kneel down during the national anthem.

Kaepernick’s antics echo through time and players seem to follow his lead. President Trump won’t let this mockery slide without stating his opinion and he was absolutely furious. He called out every single protester at a press conference. The NFL Commissioner apparently heard what Trump had to say and he issued a statement as well. But he should’ve thought twice.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called Trump’s recent statement  “divisive” and utterly rude. But he should have kept his mouth shut. The most popular football league is immune from antitrust laws for far too long after numerous attempts to strip their exemption once and for all. If this happens their monopoly will take a huge hit and they would lose billions of dollars, New York Post reports.

This fiasco started when NBA superstar and two-times MVP Stephen Curry announced he won’t be making a visit to the White House because he doesn’t like the Trump’s government policies. But the President thinks visiting the White House should be an honor, especially for an NBA champion like Curry. So President Trump decided that Curry’s invitation will be withdrawn for good.

Trump’s comments were taken lightly by Roger Goodell who issued a statement.

But attacking the President in public could bring harm at the federal level, Roger Goodell should have been aware of that.

NFL’s anti-trust exemption has been questioned by Congress several times in recent years because of various domestic violence crimes made by major sports players. Six years ago, Representative John Conyers presented Prevent Lockout of Athletes This Year (PLAY) Act to bring the 50-year anti-trust exemption to an end for the NFL. Eleanor Holmes Norton had another try in 2015 to end the exemption with another bill in response to the provocative and supposedly racist “Washington Redskins.”

Just a few moments ago, President Trump called the fans to boycott NFL teams who mock and disrespect America. Our great President said, “If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!”

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